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We are Janome agents and have extensive experience ourselves, firstly by taking in 100 or repairs and alterations, and with our own commercial embroidery.

Xmas themed buttons and fat quarter are now instore - for decorations!  The time is now....

Janome MC15000...simply here to see this machine.

Do you want to see a demo instore?  please let us know  email :


Heather : "Just amazing - does almost everything the big industrial machines do!  I want one!"

Debra : Very impressive. Love the i-pad screen and remote ipad included.  Very very sophisticated machine"

Call us for a price 09 408 6070

Easy Christmas stockings

There are free stocking patterns in store with fabric purchases.Cut two outers, two padding pieces, and two linings.To assemble the body of the stocking, put the two exterior body pieces right sides together. Gently smooth the batting to the wrong sides of the exterior fabric. If using iron on – then iron these to the wrong side of the outers.  The iron on batting clings to the fabric, which makes things easier for keeping the pieces together. Trim the batting from the seam allowance all round.  This reduces bulk on seams.  Trim 2cm off the lining  and sew the two pieces together -  right sides facing. Turn inside out and place lining inside body of the stocking.You should have the wrong sides of the outer on the outside, and the wrong sides of the lining inside.  Sew around the top leaving about 6cm (enough to fit your hand through)  at the center back and then turn the whole project inside out.Because the lining is shorter, you should have to fold the outer inside for about 2cm.  This creates a nice tidy top.Cut a 15cm piece of ribbon and fold in half. Place the ribbon between the lining and the cuff along the back body seam of the stocking.   Hand stitch or machine stitch the seam down with the ribbon in place.You can do much fancier ones with quilting techniques or even just a calico one with applique, cross-stitch or buttons for decoration!  The smallest size only costs $14 (depending on lining etc) to make!

Call instore for a good selection of xmas fat quarters!

We have a small range of patterns instore.  The ones shown here might not be available


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